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Niederöblarn, Österreich

Der Teppichklopfer am Start!
1500 PS / 2 Turbinen, mit der Bell 212

Tickets Solospringer: 129,00€ 1500m pro Ticket
Tickets Solospringer: 149,00€ 3000m pro Ticket
Tandems: 399,90€ pro Tandemsprung
Es wird 1500m oder 3000m ÜBER GRUND gesprungen!
Startgebühr: nicht Member Solospringer 20,00€

Anmeldung nur per Email: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist gegen Spambots geschützt! JavaScript muss aktiviert werden, damit sie angezeigt werden kann.
oder Tel: 0160/920 69 568
Austria Tel: 0043 6645896506]]>
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Thema: JU 52 - von : Panthim Termin: 12.5.18
Ort: La Ferte Alais /ca. 50 km S von Paris)
nur Automatic Sprünge, Absetzhöhe 300m
2 oder 3 Loads
Kosten 340 €/Sprung

noch 2 freie Plätze
Kontakt: Pawel Moszner +48 609 679 446]]>
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Thema: Botswana Boogie 2018 - von : Ralph_W
The quick facts:
13. - 16. July 2018
Hercules C130 and Casa 235
Load organizers:
RW: Dan Brodsky Chenfield, Ian "Milko" Hodgkinson
FF: Nate Smith
WS: Pat Walker

The little longer version:

Boogie in Animal Kingdom
There are many cool boogie destinations around the world, but the one with probably best visuals this year is in Botswana. But before you are scared by the country by mistake, here are some facts about this more than extraordinary boogie location. Botswana is one of the highest developed countries in Africa, a true democracy with a lower corruption index than Spain. It has a higher gross domestic product than some south European countries and the lowest crime rate in Africa. Besides that it has the highest population of elephants in Africa, as conservation is a true priority of the Republic of Botswana. Now imagine jumping out of a almost brand new Hercules C130 or Casa 235 above an wildlife preserve next to the most colorful lake you have ever seen in your live. Sounds too good to be true? Well, ask Dan BC, who was organizing the Big Way jumpers at the boogie in 2017 and will return for 2018, then supported by Milko Hodgkinson. Freeflyers will be organized by Pat Walker and the Wingsuiters by Nate Smith. Not the mention the, as all participants of 2017 agreed, best food ever served at a boogie.
Need more info? Take a look at: and see you in Botswana.

Just as a little warm up, read the article about last year's Boogie in Botswana in Skydive the Mag:

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